Multi-Screen Experiences.

Fluid or responsive, we will optimize your content for all devices.

Web & Mobile Solutions

We have uncovered one fundamental truth about African consumers: they are mobile natives. While every country in the world is migrating to mobile, Africans have always been mobile natives – a leg up for us on our international projects. Currently, the rate of mobile penetration in Africa is 80%.

At DOTS LABS we have a deep understanding of the local context centering around mobile solutions as the epicenter of our communication strategy. In order for us to reach consumers, we have to be where they are: on their mobile devices.

Our Approach

Every website serves a different purpose and meets different objectives. That’s why we start every project by carefully mapping out clients' goals. We provide designs that will help clients make the most out of their website, while providing a unique experience to their audience.

We approach any web design project by thinking mobile first. From there, through fluid and responsive design, we scale to fit the right screen.

We have a team of strategic thinkers who understand how brands can be successful online. From launching a new brand or product to maximizing sales opportunities, we have the experience to make you thrive online.

We will improve your web presence step by step:

  1. User experience design
  2. User interface design
  3. Email design and template build
  4. Mobile strategy and marketing
  5. App and web app creation

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Digital Media

Digital media is the crucial component that will make any digital strategy work. Our content solutions cover the planning, development, and management of written, video or other media forms.

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Experiential Marketing

A step beyond Event Marketing, more elaborate than guerilla marketing, and deeper than just brand ambassadors, Experiential Marketing is a way to create meaningful conversation with consumers.

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Social Media Solutions

Social media is constantly evolving, and becoming a key way individuals communicate. At any moment of the day, people are exchanging information, asking questions, and looking for the best deal using Social media.

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Innovation is our DNA.

Our innovative work doesn’t just improve sales, or create visibility. We provide brands with Social currency.

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